Prepaid Electricity Meter -Ic Card Electricity Meter Failure Understanding

Ic Card Electricity Meter Failure Understanding


1 The device does not display (the digital tube displays nothing, or does not display the user information to be queried),
the reason :
1 The fuse is blown.
2 The power transformer on the control board is faulty.
3 The IC card is too dirty or inserted backwards. Wipe the IC card clean before inserting the card.

If the problem is not solved by the above method, you need to open the back cover of the integrated circuit controller, insert the management card, press the reset button to reset, and re-enter the IC card with relevant information.

2 The device shows electrical energy. But the output is dead
the reason:
1 The DZ-48 coil of the device burned out.
2 The terminal block wiring is loose.

3 The device shows zero electrical energy. But does not trip
the reason:
1 The DZ-48 coil of the device is burnt or the neutral wire is open, causing the lead of the 2 terminal row to be loose.

4 The number of energy strikes does not match the number displayed on the computer
the reason : 
1 The constants of the energy meter and the IC card are inconsistent.
2 The position of the sensor head and dial of the light sensor is not appropriate.
3 The surface of the aluminum plate of the electric energy meter is dirty, causing the sensor to misread and mistransmit.


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