This trailer is quite great

Moved back to Al and learnt my lesson never to venture anywhere again kharid to farm some more guards outside.


When I first joined RuneScape I never made Al kharid for OSRS GP the longest time, I didn't want venture anywhere, Al kharid was my house I farmed the people outside but never dared to throw the guards indoors since it was a multi area and I did not want to die. I spent months and recalled one day I thought I think it's safe to finally go north a little and there they were, the dark mages. They immediately began casting on me and I've never handled a caster in my whole time up to this point I panicked so much and didn't know where to conduct cause I had never been anywhere beyond Al kharid and ended up dying. Moved back to Al and learnt my lesson never to venture anywhere again kharid to farm some more guards outside.

This trailer is quite great and I'm just shocked I can really say that. It is not cringey, it is lore friendly, and it showcases real literary footage and gifted voice-acting. Well-done. Best trailer up to now by miles! Please let them know they are crushing it and we will see more videos like these in the future! Also, shouldn't you be resting up for the big discharge or is quarantine messing with you guys' sleep schedules also? This is it if there was any opportunity to start advertising RS3 on YouTube in large. This is.

Charge to the video team who achieved this by home. Game capture from the office isn't easy! Glad you liked it! This is way up there using the NXT trailer for really making me need to play and login. We scored on a couple newish starting to determine their impact and hires in both Product Marketing and Creative Services. When I saw you react to my comment warden, I got a buzz of excitement. I need to express my sincere gratitude to you. I hope you take the time to read the next: I've been playing RuneScape for over 15 decades, and I have enormous respect for those folks supporting RuneScape; its programmers. Once you joined, I was a little skeptical and unsure about what would happen in the long run, as I'm sure you can understand... however, you convinced me. Massively. Thank you. Here is to 2020 becoming a year in Gielenor's history.

Honestly it looks surprisingly dope. I could see something like passing a poll in OSRS in time. It's a RuneScapey RuneScape ability, in a way. Crafting but for magic items. Thank you rs3 group of old for only umbrella-ing magic and range equipment under crafting and not only scrapping the idea of being able to craft magic gear.I told me I wasn't gonna receive hyped. I swore up and down and all over, told myself,'no, TinyZaros, don't get excited, be buy RuneScape gold powerful'. But damn it, now I'm hyped and it is all your fault.